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"Anne Bonny and Mary Read were pirates, as renowned for their ruthlessness as for their gender, and during their short careers challenged the sailors’ adage that a woman’s presence on shipboard invites bad luck."

Sculpture by Erik Christianson.

I’m not entirely sure that the statue really needed to have a tit out.

How dare women try to have nipples.

Actually I’ve seen this before and I can tell you— it’s because these women were bad ass pirates and when they killed someone they’d expose one or both breasts so that when their victim died, (s)he knew that they were killed by a woman.

ACTUALLY Anne Bonny purposely wore loose fitting clothes and displayed her breasts openly at all times during battle - mainly because men were distracted by them, and she took pleasure in killing said men while they were too busy staring at her breasts. Mary Read dressed mainly as a man (after posing as her deceased brother, Mark, for the entirety of her childhood) and both ladies cross-dressed from time to time, hopping between ships. They were known as the ‘fierce hell cats’ due to their ferocious tempers, and were key elements to Captain ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham’s crew - they were the only two known female pirates in the Golden Age of Caribbean piracy. IN FACT, when the ship was captured by the British Navy, Anne and Mary were the ONLY TWO pirates who fought while the males of the crew hid - they were all tried to be hung as pirates but Bonny and Read were both pregnant and were pardoned.

Calico Jack was a lover to Bonny, and as he was to be hung, Bonny’s final words to him were, “Had you fought like a man, you need not be hung like a dog.” Bonny and Read were possibly two of the most badass fucking pirates and they were FEMALE. The more you know. 



So… You know the whole dragons kidnap virgin princesses and all that?

What if they “kidnapped” them to protect them from men?
What if they taught them out to be dragons and how to fight back against knights who only saw them as prizes?

What if dragons aren’t born? Buy rather they’re taught.
All dragons are princesses who learned this and became so much more.

you need to write a novel

A lot of people blame God, or the gods as it were, for everything that goes wrong in this world, and lose their faith. But pick a mythology, any mythology - including Abrahamic mythology - and you will see the tragedy and pain of the gods. If the gods, who are powerful, are not exempt from preventing their own tragedies, if they weep, if they are broken, what makes humans think that they are going to be spared this?
Clarence (via queerlittlemermaid)







You always hear about how technology and the modern world are harming nature. I saw this and started beaming because I’m so glad to see the good technology can do for animals. <3

But actually, this is really heartwarming.  I know a couple of guys who made a sort of wheelchair for their two-legged dog.



does that turtle have a hot wheels wheel for a leg


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